The address of the Organizing Committee is

Moscow, Leninskije Gory, the Main Building of Moscow State University, 13 floor, room 13-14, the Department of  “General Control Problems”, tel. 939-56-32 (you can use it 15 Dec. and 16 Dec. from  11:00 till 17:00).

To get Main Building of Moscow State University from metro station "University" (Universitet) take a bus (number 1, or 113, or 661, or 119) to the “Clubbing zone” of Moscow State University (Klubnaya chast'). You arrive at the Main Building of the MSU. There will be a list of participants of the conference at the entrance.

There are lots of entrances, so be careful. We recommend you to enter the building at "Klubnaya chast’" (this entrance is located just near the bus stop, the Lomonosov statue is in front of it) or (for example, if you arrive in the night or in the week-ends) at Sector “B” (it’s the entrance to the guesthouse, which is the nearest to the underground station)

Here are the instructions for your accommodation.

You arrive at the Main Building of the MSU. The accommodation office is situated at sector “B”: room # 5   (0- floor) (working days, 10h-18h, 13-14 lunch hours) or room # 1 (0 – floor) (in the week-ends and in the nights). You produce your invitation, they look at the list of participants, they give you further instructions and everything should be OK’.